1. C

    Drawn Drawn Crosshead - The Dungeon Drafters 1.0

    After just having finished my first outdoors asset pack for DungeonDraft, I've started working on a massive Dungeon pack next. The full pack will feature hundreds of handpainted assets my patrons will be able to use to build sprawling dungeons. This pack is a small preview of what's to come...
  2. ZeroGNexus

    Battlemap Random Encounter: Beach 2 2020-08-28

  3. I

    Drawn Drawn (BW) Monochrome Pencil Assets (colorable) 1.1

    Aimed at simple black-and-white maps for those wanting something a little more elaborate than dyson style assets but not so different they should clash horribly. 68 mostly recolorable assets in a simple drawn style, divided into weapons, furniture, outdoor/camp and equipment.
  4. Forgotten Adventures

    Drawn Dungeon Props - Camping 1.0

    Featuring 5 Tent Types in 5 different color variants, as well as "transparent roof" option for each one :) Multiple Lean To variants to compliment the tents, Bedrolls, Campfires and couple bonus assets like Firewood, Hunting Bow, Hunting Trap, Woodchoping Block with an Axe, Cauldrons, Blankets...

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Gimmie Pig wrote on vevedere's profile.
You might let folks know it can be used underwater and even give them an example - not sure how many people read the reviews!
making items for use
enter line 2 here
EightBitz wrote on Toblakai23's profile.
Your T23 Banners pack, and your T23's Candles and Lanterns pack have the same Pack ID. This means that only one of them will show up in the list.
just made my first namebase, lol
ZeroGNexus wrote on ApprenticeOfAule's profile.
Hi, I was considering using some of your water paths for my maps, but I share them on Patreon and offer commissions so they'd be commercial. I was just wondering if you had a license for them or something along those lines?

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