1. G

    Drawn Gogots'MAps-Vegetation 1

    130 objects for Dungeondraft. Trees and bushs in different seasons.
  2. Forgotten Adventures

    Drawn Forests & Wilderness – Pack 01 v1.0

    Revamp and expansion of our vegetation, rocks, stumps etc. basically all nature stuff was on a back burner for a long time, but it’s finally here and there is a lot of it. In this first pack we have: New Stumps, New Bare Trees + Tree Branches so you can build your own Trees, Tree Tops, Tree...
  3. ZeroGNexus

    Battlemap Spider Canopy 2020-09-06

  4. Essendi

    Drawn Drawn Swamps and Bones 1.0

    Hello, heroes! This is a small asset pack, that features various swamp assets. 10 different bones: 5 different branches: 5 lotus leaves: 5 roots: 5 trees: And some more!: Here is an example of what you can build with it: If you like this pack consider trying my other free packs...
  5. ZeroGNexus

    Battlemap Random Encounter: Beach 3 2020-08-28

  6. Essendi

    Cartoony Tree House. Spring+Winter 1.0

    Good day, Heroes! This is an asset pack I made for my Theros campaign. This pack has a total of 134 different assets that can be used to build your treehouse. What this pack includes: All assets from the Summer+Autumn Tree house, plus two extra color variants for most of the assets. 2 Bases in...
  7. Essendi

    Cartoony Tree House: Summer+Autumn 1.0

    Good day, Heroes! This is an asset pack I made for my Theros campaign. This pack has a total of 107 different assets that can be used to build your treehouse. What this pack includes: 2 Bases in 2 colors, 10 platforms, 3 in 2 colors, 13 branches in 2 colors 6 crowns in 2 colors, 4 trunks, 2...
  8. Nibroc

    Drawn Nibroc's Bamboo Forest 1

    I was fed up with there being no bamboo assets for Wonderdraft when making a map so I went ahead and made some. Higher res and more leafy variants available soon.
  9. Nexoness

    Drawn Deterra 1.1

    Deterra Nature assets I'm really proud to present you my first nature asset pack! Deterra is an asset pack that provides you with loads and loads of individually drawn nature assets to use to create a lush forest, mountain range or any other landscape your heart desires. Example symbols If...

    Drawn (BW) Radiacor's Swamp-Things 1.0

    Hand drawed Trees and Elements to give your swamps a more dangerous look. They are 'sample_color' method to adapt themseves to the color of the terrain.
  11. jchunick

    Package JChunick's Realistic Mega Trees Pack 1 1.0

    This mega pack contains five styles of realistic looking, high-resolution trees. It is perfect for use on very large maps. Installation Instructions I do not currently have this pack ready for Mythkeeper, but am planning to have it ready in the future. For the time being, follow these...
  12. Zalkenai

    Drawn The World Tree 1.0

  13. Syldi

    Drawn Mushroom Forest by Syldi 1.0

    I love Faerie themes, and think that fungal forests add a lot to Fey/Fae/Sylvan type maps, however I was disappointed that there wasn't too many ways to make Faerie themes so I've set out to try making my own assets and I thought I would share! If you like them, let me know and I might keep...
  14. D

    Drawn Lapis Pack #1: mountains, hills, lots of trees! 1.1

    Use these attractive, handdrawn assets to sculpt your map's terrain. It has hills and all three sizes of mountain: low, high, and huge! Add in an obsessive collection of different tree types to describe your forests, and you've got something special. These stamps are larger than standard—great...
  15. Zalkenai

    Drawn Dead trees pack 3.0

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Hi, I was considering using some of your water paths for my maps, but I share them on Patreon and offer commissions so they'd be commercial. I was just wondering if you had a license for them or something along those lines?

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