Dopu's Fantasy Namebase Collection

A set of 40 namebases I've assembled, inspired by various fantasy works including dungeons and dragons.

Namebase Descriptions:
Fantasy-Arthurian - Inspired by arthurian legends
Fantasy-Common - Aims to combine english words into names.
Fantasy-Dark - Aims to Combine gloomy words and sounds into names.
Fantasy-Generic - Creates names that are generally indistinct.
Fantasy-Harsh - Creates harsh sounding yet indistinct town names.
Fantasy-Simple - Makes more somewhat generic names, this time with more flowing elements.
Akkaderi - Names inspired by indus valley civilization.
Classicalus - A combination of Roman and Greek inspiration to create 'classical' sounding names.
Hebaric - inspired by hebrew and arabic town names.
Kambawa - inspired by south african languages.
Mesotec - inspired by mesoamerican languages.
Orienta - inspired by east asian languages.
Perindhu - resembles a mix of Iranian and Indian town names.
Romantica - resembles various romance languages.
Zerdün - Imaginary material vaguely inspired by northeastern europe.
Elven - Broadly sourced elven names.
Elven-High - Elven names with some sindarin [Tolkein] and other similar sources.
Elven-Wood - Elven names with more natural-sounds sourced.
Elven-Dark - Much darker elven names with few flowing sounds.
Dwarven-Mountain - 'Heavy' names with inspiration from celtic and other fantasy dwarfs
Dwarven-Hill - 'Mellow' names with inspiration from celtic and other fantasy dwarfs
Halfling - Friendly sounding names, aiming for combinations of english words.
Gnomish - Odd names aiming for vague combinations of english words.
Goblin - Short simple harsh names.
Hobgoblin - Longer harsh names mixed with short.
Orc - Simple guttural names.
Kobold - Short names with some aspiring to be draconic.
Yuan-Ti - Snakelike sounds with hints of mesoamerican elements.
Giant - rough sounds with vaguely celtic inspiration.
Draconic - Long grandiose names
Infernal - Monstrous names with few soft or inviting elements.
Abyssal - Monstrous names with a lot of randomness and threatening elements.
Celestial - Angelic names inspired by real and fictional sources.
Sylvan - Soft and earthy names with heavy tolkein inspiration.
Deep Speech - Monstrous names aiming for an aberrant slimy feel.
Aquatic - Watery names aiming to suggest the sea and water aspects in various languages.
Cthulhu - Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
Arachnidi - Names aiming to suggest spiderlike beings of various fiction.
Serpentis - Names aiming to suggest snakes and serpentlike creatures.
Insecta - Names aiming to suggest insects and arthropods.

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Dopu's Fantasy Namebase Collection

Dopu's Fantasy Namebase Collection


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