Rough Seas

The Rough Seas Theme was created to add a unique, hand-drawn sketch look to your map. The theme settings include:
  • Water and ground colours
  • Water Appearance settings
  • Coastal, landmass and freshwater settings
  • Path and windrose and symbol custom colours
  • Label settings with City, Water and Country presets.

    Along with this theme is packaged a number of map borders and boxes created to perfectly match the sketched look. Included with those is a small set of sketch styled squares to mark towns and cities on your map or map legend.
Installation Instructions
  1. Manual Installation
    1. After you have downloaded the zipped file unzip it into an empty folder.
    2. You will have two new folders: 'assets' and 'themes'. Locate your Wonderdraft assets folder.
    3. Copy the 'jchunick-rough-seas' folder located in 'assets' into your Wonderdraft assets folder.
    4. If you don't have a 'themes' folder then copy the 'themes' folder to the same folder as your Wonderdraft assets folder. It does not go into 'assets' but at the same folder level as 'assets'. Otherwise, if you do have a 'themes' folder, then just copy the 'Rough Seas.wonderdraft_theme' file into it.
    5. Launch Wonderdraft. You should have a new theme in the Themes dropdown, as well as the 'jckunick-rough-seas' asset in the Custom Assets list. It must be checkmarked to use.
  2. Mythkeeper Installation
    1. After you have downloaded the zipped file, launch Mythkeeper.
    2. At the top, click on the 'Install from local file' icon. It should look like this:
    3. A dialog window opens. Locate the downloaded, 'Theme - Rough' file and click on Open.
    4. An Installation Settings dialog appears. It will show the 'jchunick-rough-seas' asset and the 'Rough Seas' theme checkmarked. That's fine. Ignore the rest of the message and click on the Install button.
    5. The new theme and assets should now be installed and you should see it in the Assets list. You are ready to use it now in Wonderdraft. Note: ensure that the asset is checkmarked in Wonderdraft.
Special Note: Water Appearance Settings
The theme does not allow for setting the Randomize Can Mirror option. By default it is set to 'on' but should be turned 'off' due to the orientation of the waves as they can otherwise randomly appear upside down.
Rough Seas

Rough Seas


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      CC-BY-NC 4.0
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      Please contact me using the contact information in the license.pdf in the metadata folder if you would like a commercial license for this theme.
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