Sci-Fi and Modern Assets (free version)

This is the free version of my sci-fi pack, the full version can be aquired by becoming my patron here. They are fully compatible, so the pack can be updated even on old maps if you want to try it out for free first!

This pack includes over 170 new assets, the vast majority colorable.
  • Metal floors, including a transparent grating
  • Space terrain
  • Four portals that are also included as colorable objects
  • Lots of paths: cables, pipes, floor markings and more
  • Two stair paths
  • Modular Consoles and machines
  • And more!
For compatible furniture (and the stairs in the Cantina image) check out this free pack.
Sci-Fi and Modern Assets (free version)

Sci-Fi and Modern Assets (free version)

Gnome Factory

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    cyberpunk drawn sci-fi scifi top-down

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      You may use my assets for all non-commercial purposes, no attribution required. So share your maps on reddit all you like! I only ask that you don't redistribute the assets themselves without my consent.

      Commercial use encompasses anything that helps you earn money, either by selling products or by promoting money-making ventures. Commercial licenses can be aquired on my patreon.
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    Latest reviews

    Amazing sci-fi modern assets. Everything you need for Modern, Cyberpunk/Shadowrun, and Traveler/Star Wars/War Hammer settings. Well done!
    Absolutely fantastic, covers all the basics!
    This artist makes great stuff.

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    Gimmie Pig wrote on vevedere's profile.
    You might let folks know it can be used underwater and even give them an example - not sure how many people read the reviews!
    making items for use
    enter line 2 here
    EightBitz wrote on Toblakai23's profile.
    Your T23 Banners pack, and your T23's Candles and Lanterns pack have the same Pack ID. This means that only one of them will show up in the list.
    just made my first namebase, lol
    ZeroGNexus wrote on ApprenticeOfAule's profile.
    Hi, I was considering using some of your water paths for my maps, but I share them on Patreon and offer commissions so they'd be commercial. I was just wondering if you had a license for them or something along those lines?

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