Shadow Pattern

Now with gradient shadow paths.


These are black gradients in the following variety

3 sizes:
Large (1 tile wide @ scale 1)
Medium (1/2 tile wide @ scale 1)
Small (1/4 tile wide @ scale 1)

Each with 3 different gradient types:
100 (100% fading to 0% opacity)
50 (50% fading to 0% opacity)
25 (25% fading to 0% opacity)

Gradient paths get a bit choppy with tight corners, so be warned.

The shadow pattern is by default 25% opacity and can be made less by setting the custom colour alpha channel to less.

At it's default it can be used with the "25" path versions in any situation where you can fully align the edges, to give a smooth gradient finish.

By layering them up you can use this to create smooth ramps and stairs which look like they are descending

The pack was updated using the same json file, so you should be able to swap it out, but... I highly recommend saving your old version somewhere in case you have problems with an old map you used it in.


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Gimmie Pig wrote on vevedere's profile.
You might let folks know it can be used underwater and even give them an example - not sure how many people read the reviews!
making items for use
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EightBitz wrote on Toblakai23's profile.
Your T23 Banners pack, and your T23's Candles and Lanterns pack have the same Pack ID. This means that only one of them will show up in the list.
just made my first namebase, lol
ZeroGNexus wrote on ApprenticeOfAule's profile.
Hi, I was considering using some of your water paths for my maps, but I share them on Patreon and offer commissions so they'd be commercial. I was just wondering if you had a license for them or something along those lines?

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