World Map Two and Four Globe Overlays

These overlays are large, so I've added them to my google drive and set them for download from there. They are not to be installed in Wonderdraft, but are to be used as an overlay with Wonderdraft's Overlay --> Trace Tool. Select the Trace Image from the directory where you saved the overlays.

I have also included the banner backgrounds so you can drag-n-drop them into Wonderdraft (WD) as bespoke symbols. See my example below where I used the banner background in behind a WD Label.

For Best Results:
1. Use the overlay dimensions when creating your map. Set custom dimensions for your map to the same dimensions of the overlay.
2. If you want to scale it smaller then you will have to calculate your new dimensions manually and then use the Scale slider on the overlay after importing it.

Example Maps with Overlays
2-globe-overlay-example-incomplete.jpg 4-globe-overlay-example.jpg

Banner Backgrounds
World Map Two and Four Globe Overlays

World Map Two and Four Globe Overlays


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      CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
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      Both antique globe map overlays are sourced from public domain images freely available online. I have done extensive work to clean them up and ensure the circles where the map globes are shown are perfectly round and not distorted. You are free to locate the source images online and do what you like, within the copyright laws of your country.

      If you feel the work I've put into preparing these overlay maps is worthwhile then please go to my donation page here:, or click on the donate button.
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      Josh Chunick
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