1. ZeroGNexus

    Battlemap Crystal Haven 2020-09-16

  2. D

    Realistic Deutsche Ortsnamen - Name Generator 0.1

    Create realistic german names for your settlements and cities. With the release of version 0.1 there are 5.555 possible permutations.
  3. Silvia_Crow

    Top Down Drawn Temples 1

    No town, or forest, is complete without some hallow ground. In this pack you'll find: - 17 temples in normal colors with and without roofs - Various style from simple temples to grander cathedrals.
  4. ClayRobeson

    Fantasy City Terrain 1.0

    I was trying to figure out a way to easily make large maps for 'reference' rather than for battle, and realized that I could just create a terrain that was a city map. I took a public domain map of Paris from the 1500s and created a repeating tile (in two different sizes), then extracted bits...
  5. Silvia_Crow

    Drawn Aztec city 1

    Time to enter the land of the sun god, with this Mesoamerican inspired pack. In this pack you'll find: - 18 various buildings in normal and custom colors - 12 temples in normal and custom colors. - 26 accessories, such as thees, pots and hedges, in normal and custom colors How to resize an...
  6. P

    Flat City Markers 1.0

    A simple pack of plain city and point-of-interest markers with a slight drop shadow. Contains symbols for: Capital City Town Village Castle Ruin Site of Interest Point of Interest
  7. jchunick

    Other Settlements - Name Generator 1.1

    Create Random and Unique Settlement Names! Note: I did not include prefixes and suffixes like New or Town since that can be done by you, the user, for your particular setting. Here is a suggested list you can keep in mind when using mine to generate a unique random settlement name: Prefix...
  8. P

    Drawn (BW) Pantaleon's stylised city and ruin icons 1

    Includes black versions and custom colour versions. 1. Large city 2. Large city ruins 3. City/Fortress 4. City Ruins 5. Tower/town 6. Tower ruins 7. House/village
  9. Mill House Studios

    Top-down City Blocks 1.1

    Simple city blocks for top-down city maos. These assets are intentionally pretty simple, and do not have shading, as they are intended to be rotated around a lot, and that would destroy any 3d effect. If you want to shade the roof tops, my advice would be to wait until you've finished and do it...
  10. M

    Cartoony 2-Min Tabletop - Grey Town & City Tokens 1.0

    These are recoloured versions of the 2 Minute Tabletop Town & City tokens. They have grey roofs instead of red / blue ones in order to give a more neutral look. There are a total of 51 icons here, including tents recoloured to grey instead of beige. I do not have the ability or inclination to...
  11. E

    Drawn 2-Minute TableTop Paintable Building Assets 1.0

    I've made some paintable versions of the buildings found (here in 2-minutes town & city tokens pack). There are also 3 tree brushes using trees from the previously mentioned pack and their roadside forest token pack, and camp tokens. Install it as you normally would. Everything is a default...
  12. Phergus

    Cartoony Dark Fantasy Mapping Symbols 1.0

    Dark fantasy mapping symbols by Ralf Schemmann. 77 PNG mapping symbols in 5 themes: Demon, Ice, Insect, Orc and Undead 15 additional miscellaneous PNG symbols.
  13. R

    Yes Topographic Modern Maps: Networks 1.3.2

    Create modern maps and atlases using these network paths! Modern Maps: Networks is an asset pack with various paths and symbols inspired by Google Maps and book atlases, allowing YOU to recreate plans and overviews of your contemporary cities! The asset includes custom paths like railways...
  14. Phergus

    Flat Map Markers - Geometric 1.0

    This package contains 13 different map symbols in Normal (NC), Sample Color (SC) and Custom Colors (CC) for use in Wonderdraft or any other application that can use PNG images. An additional 11 colored versions of the position marker are included. These can be used to indicate towns, cities...
  15. Caeora

    Flat Map Icons V1 1.0

    As I was working on my Vaasa and Damara map I realised I needed to have a nice set of custom icons for locations. Previously I had only a village, town and city icon but I wanted more unique buildings. These might be super helpful for anyone else working on maps themselves so I’ve put these up...
  16. Nexoness

    Flat City Icons by Nexoness 2.0

    Show the true scale of your city's population! City Icons is a pack full of different map markers to show the true scale of your cities. Files included in this asset are optimized for Wonderdraft and can be installed using the asset manager Mythkeeper. Wonderdraft installation Place all files...

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Hi, I was considering using some of your water paths for my maps, but I share them on Patreon and offer commissions so they'd be commercial. I was just wondering if you had a license for them or something along those lines?

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