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I need some help. When I try to install the assets from Canofsticks, while in Mythkeeper, it just shows the circular installing icon. It doesn't install the assets though, the icon just keeps spinning, and Mythkeeper freezes. Is there a way I can get Mythkeeper to work again, and install their asset packs?


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This is a great manager, loving it so far! Anyone know if it is possible to open the webpage for an asset from the assets page? I see an icon to do this from the CA Client page, but not the asset page, unless I'm just missing something.


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Getting a bug originally listed by Xeyla above, trying to download assets but only getting a forever looping spinning circle while the download tab says 0mb downloaded.


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Hello Dev-Team,
i have the same error like Joso at 07.01.2020.
"unexpected end of archive"
Repair is not possible.
Regaards Tarnea
*update* the Download is now OK, i don't know what happen :cry:
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Downloaded the MacOS version and have an issue with the program not starting, likely because the file extension is .app and it's not recognizing it as a program/executable? I see on reddit there was a post 2 months ago with the same problem and wondering if it was resolved or not...?

Also, if it gets working, it would likely be a good idea to update the original Mythkeeper post to say it includes a Mac release (currently it says it's Windows only, and you have to scroll through the updates to find there is a mac version).

Thanks in advance for any help on getting it working!

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In regards to @BarenziahsStone his issue:
The Mac-build might be outdated. Sadly we don't possess a Mac machine that could compile it and we can't really spend time doing the compilation on my own. @Elvanos tried getting others to help, but sadly none managed to provide a working build. So sadly we are currently unable to address this issue.

But anyone can do this in order to help me. Mythkeeper is open-source on GitHub. Anyone should be able to compile it.


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Any chance of the Linux build still on the horizon? Or will the source compile on Linux as-is? I'd be happy to compile if so, but I unfortunately don't have enough experience to take on porting it myself if it would need more than that.

I see the current problem with the Mac build being no one on the team has a Mac to compile on. If that's the same issue for the Linux build, perhaps since it's free you could just set it up in a VM, and wouldn't need to have another machine at all, nor even need to dual boot. Windows Pro has HyperV or there's VMWare Workstation Player (specifically the Player version, not Workstation), both are free for setting up the VM, too, even something like VirtualBox could work if you're graphics requirements aren't too high. That would at least give you an environment to build in and test that it's working without needing to purchase additional hardware or software licenses.

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