AoA Tree Taster


This taster pack contains deciduous and conifer tree assets, in a variety of clumps and single trees to enable faster and more efficient creation of forests. They also look pretty good.

Using these assets will result in significantly less tree assets in your map, which should provide big performance benefits. It should be quicker too!
(Thanks to jchunik for the asset counter, and the water texture used in the map above)

A more full pack is under way with a much greater variety of forest types, but for now this is what you can have. The final set will be available to purchase, and as a cut down free version.

I recommend using the loose clumps to create a border around your forest and the dense clumps to fill it in. Loose clumps can also be used for more open woodland and surrounding trees.

Using smaller clumps will give you more control over your forest (especially if you are using the sample color version) and generally look a little bit better (though probably not noticeable on larger maps), whereas the larger clumps can be used to lay down a large forest fast and efficiently.

Tree size should be suitable for most maps, but if you do struggle remember you can always unlock asset scaling in the preferences.

Assets are provided in both custom color and sample color forms.

For custom colors you'll need to set them in the symbols tool before going to trees. The first two colours will colour the canopy, the third colour is the trunk and outline

Play around with the placement rate and density to find what works for you when laying down the trees.
AoA Tree Taster

AoA Tree Taster


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      CC-BY-SA 4.0
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      This bundle is provided under the Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike.

      This license can be found on the Creative Commons website:

      The specific link to the license deed, at the time of creation, is:


      The terms of the license require attribution when using this license, however this can be an onerous task to do every time you happen to share an image, so I have a few personal promises.

      I will not under most normal circumstances chase you legally for failing to attribute. Similarly I request that nobody else should take action against you for this, including such actions as barring you from a competition.

      I do consider it a matter of courtesy that you provide attribution when submitting a final image for a competition, or to a public gallery (on or off line).

      If you run a website, patreon or other such personal artist page, then I would consider it a kindness to provide attribution somewhere on there, and would then consider it unnecessary to provide attribution for each piece of work you provide.


      The terms of this license require any works you produce with these assets to be shared under the same license.

      However this does not suit the nature of map assets particularly well, and I personally consider your own finished maps to not be adaptations and therefore I will never take legal action if you do not release these under the same license. This is specifically to allow artists to use these assets for commissioned maps or maps provided otherwise in return for payment.

      If you adapt these assets and include them in any other asset pack, then I expect the share-alike terms of this license to be upheld. I have provided these assets free to the community and I expect people not to just change them, or shortcut their own work with them, and charge people for those assets.

      Please do get in touch to show me your work using these. I’d love to see what people are doing with them.

      Apprentice of Aule, 05/10/2020
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    The idea of creating groups of trees as a single asset is a fantastic one if you plan on placing 10's of thousands down on your world or continent map. This method is much quicker than placing them all down individually. The variety of tree group configurations is perfect.

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    Your T23 Banners pack, and your T23's Candles and Lanterns pack have the same Pack ID. This means that only one of them will show up in the list.
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    Hi, I was considering using some of your water paths for my maps, but I share them on Patreon and offer commissions so they'd be commercial. I was just wondering if you had a license for them or something along those lines?

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