1. A

    Semi-realistic AoA Tree Taster 2020-10-05

    This taster pack contains deciduous and conifer tree assets, in a variety of clumps and single trees to enable faster and more efficient creation of forests. They also look pretty good. Using these assets will result in significantly less tree assets in your map, which should provide big...
  2. jchunick

    Realistic Chipboard Textures 1.0

    This pack contains a set of water and ground chipboard textures. There are two different ground textures and one water. The water texture allows for the Stain Amount to be adjusted in the Water Appearance tool. See the sample map below. If you like this work and all my other work posted here...
  3. jchunick

    Realistic Canvas Textures 1.1

    This pack contains a set of water and ground canvas textures. It also includes an embroidery font by kingthings, distributed under his EULA which is contained in the fonts folder. If you like this work and all my other work posted here free for personal use then please consider buying me a...
  4. T

    Topographic Topographic TBE Height Map 1.4 Theme 1.4

    This theme includes all 101 colors assigned to levels of elevation in Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator so that you can create Wonderdraft maps of similar depiction. I've never had success with transferring a black & white Wonderdraft heightmap export to Azgaar's Generator - especially if I'd...
  5. Nexoness

    Avoro: Wonderdraft Skin 1.0

    Avoro Wonderdraft Skin A skin for the Wonderdraft interface that fits well with the Avoro theme. Install by placing in your Wonderdraft folder, open preferences > Interface and select Avoro from the dropdown menu.
  6. M

    Drawn Metromorph's Mountains 1.5

    Charcoal style mountain and hill assets that I made for Wonderdraft. Mountains have 28 variations, and hills have 12 variations.
  7. moomabelle

    Flat Moomabelle's Markers 1.1

    I made some simple markers for my own maps and thought I'd share them here! The icons are 200px by 200px, and are compatible with Wonderdraft's custom colors. I may update this in the future if y'all have any ideas.
  8. S

    Creating Frames

    Does anyone have any links to a good explanation of how to create custom Frames for WonderDraft? Or, is anyone able to provide some advice? I'm comfortable creating the graphics, but actually turning them into an asset seems less straightforward than other types of assets. I'm clearly missing...
  9. R

    Need some help!! I need some indigenous villages for my map.

    Hey Guys, Loving this Wonderdraft program, been months of waiting to finally have the time to commit to it and I'm so happy with the program. Loving this sharing idea too, helps us all out and hopefully I can get to grips with it to share some content too in the future. Anyone know where I can...
  10. W

    Topographic Whooplaah's Cliffs 1.1

    Modular cliffs, canyons, plateaus, and valleys. Demo Video:

    Drawn Radiacor's Cliffs 1.0

    A bunch of hand drawed cliffs, made to give height to your maps. They are 'sample_color' method to adapt themseves to the color of the terrain
  12. Y

    Top-down Watabu Assets for Wonderdraft 1

    This zip drive contains a lot of Watabu cities with the background removed so they can be used as assets. Drop into your C:\Users\Joseph\AppData\Roaming\Wonderdraft\assets\myassets\sprites\symbols\Watabu Or whatever folder you are using for this purpose. A mix of walled/no walls and color/no color.
  13. Silvia_Crow

    Top-down Trees 1

    Trees for your forest or maybe your backgarden, comes with apples! Pack with: - 9 different broad-leaved tree, comes in summer/spring and fall colors - 4 pines, normal and winter - 2 dead trees, normal and winter - 6 apples, in red/green, golden and blue. - with all trees in sample colors...
  14. Nexoness

    Realistic Realistic Avoro: Land of Pharaohs 1.0

    Avoro: Land of Pharaohs Rule like a Pharaoh! Avoro: Land of Pharaohs is a theme in the Avoro series that brings you back in time to the Land of Pharaohs! Rule like one yourself and create amazing looking maps using the custom ground colour palette, label presets and preset settings...
  15. jchunick

    Package Just Deserts 0.9a Beta

    There are five different desert textures in this pack. These symbols are white and their draw_mode in the metafile has been set to sample_color I sourced all the desert images from unsplash.com Important Note: When you first place them down onto a light parchment colour they will be nearly...
  16. jchunick

    Realistic Tropical Water Texture 1.0

    This is a custom, tile-able tropical water texture for use in Wonderdraft. There are two sizes, one larger and one smaller. The photo from which this texture was made was taken by Mudassir Ali and can be found here on unsplash.com. Contained within the zipped file is a folder that needs to be...
  17. Elvanos

    Package Elvanos' Boulder Pack 1.1

    A boulder & rock pack with hand-drawn outlines and textured backgrounds; mostly made for Wonderdraft (comes packed via the Wonderdraft system), but usable anywhere else (all files come as PNGs). Contains with 8 symbols and comes in 9 color tints + 1 sample color tint for custom coloring...
  18. Nexoness

    Realistic Other Pastel PRO 2.0

    Pastel PRO A default Wonderdraft theme remastered. Pastel is a well-known default theme for Wonderdraft. Pastel PRO takes the default theme to the next level by giving it a well-needed upgrade. Instead of 4 colours, there are now 36 colours in the Ground Colour Palette and 5 new label presets...
  19. jchunick

    Package Antique Map Wind Roses 1.0

    There are four unique compass wind roses in this pack. Each one has been restored from original antique maps. Each compass has two versions. These are the sources of the compass wind roses: 1613 map of the Strait of Magellan and Terra del Fuego published in Gerard Mercator's Atlas Inspired by...
  20. Zalkenai

    Drawn Modular floating islands 1.0

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