1. Essendi

    Drawn Reefs&Jaws 1.0

    Hello, seafarers! This pack contains various png assets and textures that you'll need to build your own reef! Example, made in dungeonraft: For a free dungeondraft version look here:
  2. Essendi

    Drawn Drawn Reefs&Jaws 1.0

    Hello, seafarers! This pack for dungeondraft contains various assets and textures that you'll need to build your own reef! Example: For a png version look here:
  3. N

    Top Down Fantasy Fantasy Hamlet Asset pack 2020-10-03

    Here is my first Asset pack. I made this with the idea of using it to make small villages and roadside hamlets. Several of the assets such as the well could be scaled up and used as sacrificial pits etc. Enjoy playing around with it and seeing what you come up with :) If you like what you see...
  4. E

    Polygonal Hex Grid Patterns 2020-08-14

    Colorable patterns to create a vertical or horizontal hex grid for your Dungeondraft map. This is a simpler, more adaptable method than my previous post with the overlays as objects. Thanks to Irayumi for helping me get things properly scaled, proportioned and seamless so as to function...
  5. E

    Polygonal Hex Grid Overlays for Dungeondraft 1

    UPDATE: I just posted a newer version that uses patterns instead of objects. It's simpler and easier to adapt to any map size. Colorable hex grid overlays in various sizes. If you have a map larger than any of the sizes, just chain...
  6. Forgotten Adventures

    Drawn FA Dungeondraft Integration - Starter Pack v1.1

    As most of you know, we recently released our full Dungeondraft Integration (Patron only). This integration aims to completely replace the default Artstyle of Dungeondraft with our own. This starter pack is for everyone that wants to test it out for themselves for free first before pledging...
  7. Toblakai23

    Package T23's Not So Geometric Shapes 1.1

    It was pointed out to me by a helpful person on discord that the lines on my original shapes were too clean to mesh well with the original DD items. We talked a bit and then I remade all the items with squigly lines to better fit the original theme. Without better drawing tools it is hard to...
  8. Mythkeeper Team

    Mythkeeper 0.7.4

    Mythkeeper - a fan-made Wonderdraft item manager to help you manage your assets, themes and much more! Quick links User Guide • Creator Guide • Subforum Mythkeeper is a multi-platform app (currently supports only Windows; Mac & Linux coming in the future) that can do the following: What does...
  9. A

    Package AR's Clouds pack 2 1.0

    Another batch of clouds to add to your maps :) You can find the first pack here:
  10. A

    Package AR's Stylised Bridges Pack 1 (and a small Ferry too) 1.0

    A small pack of stylised Bridges built to fit in with the other stylised assets I have created. Each comes both with and without a shadow (all my shadows are designed to be from the same angle, so if you use my other assets they should be (somewhat) consistent) I will be making some more...
  11. A

    Cartoony A batch of Stylised Trees 1.0

    This is Batch 1 of my stylised trees. There are two versions included, one with a shadow and one without. I will be expanding this range with another batch of trees soon to add a little variety. This is batch 1, prototype! If you like them please leave me some stars :) If you have a...
  12. A

    Package I wandered lonely as a pack of Clouds 1.0

    A small set of clouds that can be used to add an extra flourish to your map Pack 2 available here:
  13. Nexoness

    Wonderdraft Avoro: A family of assets and themes!

    Avoro is a family of assets and themes for Wonderdraft. Avoro assets all have the same style and fit nicely together, together with the theme series they make for a great addition for your map. Uniformity is important when creating a good looking map, that's why the Avoro assets are designed...

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You might let folks know it can be used underwater and even give them an example - not sure how many people read the reviews!
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Your T23 Banners pack, and your T23's Candles and Lanterns pack have the same Pack ID. This means that only one of them will show up in the list.
just made my first namebase, lol
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Hi, I was considering using some of your water paths for my maps, but I share them on Patreon and offer commissions so they'd be commercial. I was just wondering if you had a license for them or something along those lines?

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