Wonderdraft Avoro: A family of assets and themes!


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Avoro is a family of assets and themes for Wonderdraft.
Avoro assets all have the same style and fit nicely together, together with the theme series they make for a great addition for your map.

Uniformity is important when creating a good looking map, that's why the Avoro assets are designed to work well together but also to work with other assets by other creators.
Avoro has multiple asset packs which are easy to install and work nicely as standalone assets, but also work great together with one of the many Avoro themes.

Click the icon to go to the asset's page.

The Avoro family has a rich selection of themes that can be used with Wonderdraft.
Each theme is easy to use and comes with a wide variety of colours and presets that can be used for many different maps and biomes to create a map in that theme's specific style.

Click the icon to go to the theme's page.

Base theme

Terrain themes

Fantasy themes

Political themes

Other themes

Avoro theme showcase video

Avoro theme in action

All Avoro assets and themes are packed in a way to make it as easy as possible to install.
Instalment should be pretty straight forward follow the installation instructions provided and there should be no issue.
If there is an issue for some reason, contact me via Discord or via a PM on this platform.

Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Wonderdraft
or click on Open User Folder in the Wonderdraft menu.

Place all files in the .zip file in the root folder of Wonderdraft


If you need more information about the Avoro family then don't hesitate to contact me via a PM or by commenting on this page.
If you have suggestions, requests or ideas for new Avoro themes or assets let me know! I'm more than happy to help out with the things you want!
If you have questions or technical problems regarding one of my assets or themes please post them in the discussion threads of the asset or theme.​
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Hello Nexoness. :)

What are the licensing requirements? In other words, am I allowed to make a commercial map product using these themes?

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Hi, I was considering using some of your water paths for my maps, but I share them on Patreon and offer commissions so they'd be commercial. I was just wondering if you had a license for them or something along those lines?

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