1. G

    Drawn Gogots'MAps-Vegetation 1

    130 objects for Dungeondraft. Trees and bushs in different seasons.
  2. G

    Drawn Drawn Gogots'Maps-Forest 1

    250 forest objects for Dungeon Draft. With 3 paths, 1 Material, 4 Terrains.
  3. Gnome Factory

    Drawn Drawn GF Cyberpunk City Streets 1.0.1

    This is the free version of the pack. You can get the full version on my patreon! You want to send your players into the neon-lit streets of night city? Or you need a modern asphalt highway to have a car chase on? These assets are for you! Includes: - Asphalt roads, concrete and pavement tiles...
  4. M

    Drawn Drawn Magicspook's Animal Pack 1.0.0

    This asset pack adds 30 hand-drawn animals to DungeonDraft so you can spruce up your maps with some nice critters! From partially submerged crocodiles to beautiful butterflies to grazing bison, this pack has got you covered. This asset pack contains 8 colourable assets so you can add variation...
  5. N

    Top Down Top-down Wider Walls 2020-09-21

    These walls are 50% to 150% thicker than the built in walls. I found that the default walls were a bit too small for use on Roll 20 when using Dynamic lighting. With the thicker wall the players will see more detail when you run the Dynamic wall down the middle. Doors are more obvious as well.
  6. JimSocks

    Flat Flat Alien RPG Schematics 1

    "We're in some real pretty shit now man!" This asset pack comes with: 4 different floor tilesets 2 different wall styles Several never-before-seen map icons: Science Lab, Latrines, Air Traffic Control Tower, Recycling Center, Gym, Bar, Restaurant, and Oxygen Scrubbers. Additionally, this...
  7. Essendi

    Drawn Drawn Swamps and Bones 1.0

    Hello, heroes! This is a small asset pack, that features various swamp assets. 10 different bones: 5 different branches: 5 lotus leaves: 5 roots: 5 trees: And some more!: Here is an example of what you can build with it: If you like this pack consider trying my other free packs...
  8. M

    Top Down Semi-realistic Mog Portcullis pack 1

    Several variant portcullises with colourable metallic sections and three choices of wood effect: Large circular Rectangular metal sheathed Rectangular half sheathed Full metal
  9. M

    Semi-realistic Mog Pillars v1 1

    Standing and fallen pillars in multiple shapes. Includes generic user colourable and prettier pre-coloured versions
  10. M

    Semi-realistic Mog Dwarven Architecture v1 1

    Dwarven fortress architecture to compliment the human equivalent in my human pack. Walls in five thicknesses and objects to modify them with damage etc.
  11. M

    Semi-realistic Mog Human Architecture v1 1

    Human stone walls in four thicknesses (up to 10ft wide fortification) and battlements. Additional objects to use as modifiers, such as arrow slits or damage. Portals also.
  12. M

    Semi-realistic Semi-realistic Mog Medieval construction pack v2 1

    Version 2 Medieval construction equipment initially used in quarry and castle construction maps. Dirty versions are labelled 'worn' All object tags are prefixed with 'mog' for ease of searching Version number now removed from filename. Causes slight back compatibility issues but ensures all...
  13. M

    Drawn Drawn Pipe Paths 1.0.3

    This small Dungeondraft asset pack adds three new paths for creating your own sewer pipes. There are pipe objects in vanilla dungeondraft, but they do not allow for bendy pipes, which is why I made this pack. Enjoy! On the bottom are the vanilla Dungeondraft pipe assets. The paths are in this...
  14. E

    Polygonal Hex Grid Patterns 2020-08-14

    Colorable patterns to create a vertical or horizontal hex grid for your Dungeondraft map. This is a simpler, more adaptable method than my previous post with the overlays as objects. Thanks to Irayumi for helping me get things properly scaled, proportioned and seamless so as to function...
  15. E

    Polygonal Hex Grid Overlays for Dungeondraft 1

    UPDATE: I just posted a newer version that uses patterns instead of objects. It's simpler and easier to adapt to any map size. https://www.cartographyassets.com/assets/hex-grid-patterns.566/ Colorable hex grid overlays in various sizes. If you have a map larger than any of the sizes, just chain...
  16. J

    Top Down Semi-realistic Jamie's Simple Shingles 1

    Small 3 piece asset pack for Dungeondraft that lets you create custom shingled roofs.
  17. Forgotten Adventures

    Drawn FA Dungeondraft Integration - Starter Pack v1.1

    As most of you know, we recently released our full Dungeondraft Integration (Patron only). This integration aims to completely replace the default Artstyle of Dungeondraft with our own. This starter pack is for everyone that wants to test it out for themselves for free first before pledging...
  18. ZeroGNexus

    Battlemap Airship Casino 2020-08-04

    I had to provide a download link because I can only upload 5 images at once. I'm sorry for the inconvenience Overview Upper Deck Main Deck Sub Deck 1 Sub Deck 2 Sub Deck 3 Scenic View
  19. Nexoness

    Dungeondraft Battlemap Ye old shed 1.0

    A simple house, not much to say about it.
  20. A

    Other Other Water Foam Paths by AoA 1.0

    These assets come in 3 different visual styles, each packaged separately. Style 1 has a hard outlined appearance Style 2 has a softer outlined look, but similar to Style 1 Style 3 is not outlined at all for those working in a more realistic style

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